Dr. Maria Montessori, originator of the Montessori Method of Education, was the first woman graduate of the University of Rome Medical School in 1907. As a physician treating children with orthopedic conditions and slight retardation, Dr. Montessori developed skill building apparatus to assist in the development of these special children. At this point Dr. Montessori shifted her avocation from medicine to education, approaching the subject as a scientist; she observed and tested her ideas for their validity in aiding children in their growth. This open minded attitude, which requires respect for the child, is the most fundamental aspect of the Montessori Education.

The teaching approach is twofold. The first part is centered on the materials and the second part on the teaching method. The Montessori Primary and Elementary Education is called the Education for Peace Curriculum which is taught through the materials and gives the child a Global Vision of the world in which they live. The teaching method is called the Three Part Lesson; "this is," "show me," and "tell me what this is." This form of teaching is self correcting and failure proof which gives the child a clear understanding of the lesson presented.