• Respect for individual differences and needs; we teach to individuals instead of groups.

• Self motivation and child learning process; children learn through practicing tasks rather than through listening and having to remember.

• Our emphasis is on self discipline developed through helping the child learn how to appropriately meet needs rather than through the use of rewards and punishments. Children learn at their own pace, free to complete a project or pursue a subject as deeply as they wish and according to personal enthusiasm. Children's creativity is always respected.

• Knowledge is acquired through the use of concrete materials, scientifically designed to enhance conceptual thinking and lead to abstraction. The materials in our Montessori classroom are carefully designed to also fit the developmental needs and characteristics of children.

• The organization of the room allows the children easy access to a variety of learning experiences. Children are free to move and tire less.

• Testing is built into the method as the third period of the "three-period-lesson" and is applied routinely when the child is ready. Testing aims at self correction, repetition and competence.

• Our Montessori teachers are trained to teach respect and positive values. The Montessori philosophy of helping a child is through a process of showing a child what to do in a constructive manner. Children have a natural love for work and are always viewed as positive beings. Fulfilling the development of the child lays the foundation for achieving a productive and rewarding adult life.

• Our Montessori curriculum is much broader than many other programs and includes music, foreign languages and dance/gymnastics. Cultural studies are also an important part of our program, acknowledging our diverse student body, families and staff.